Lord Hanuman The Protector of Devotees

Every religion has their own sets of spiritual beliefs and rituals that they perform to gratify the almighty. Hinduism, in general, is populated with lots of traditions and spiritual activities, Hindu people all around the globe perform in hopes of happier and content life. Navagraha means nine planets, are the ones that hold the strings of our past, presence and future and has a very important significance in our Hindu culture. When these nine planets manoeuver around the houses of our natal chart, different aspects of our love change their course. These planetary movements can be beneficial or totally opposite, destructive. To have the positive outcomes of the movement of the celestial bodies, Hindu people who have soul-induced belief in Astrology performs Navagraha puja. Apart from the Navagraha puja, Hindu people also perform the Puja of the God who is the epitome of braveness, selflessness, courage, and strength and Godly dedication, Hanuman Ji. He was one of the primary Gods of Hindus and is worshipped by people across India to achieve the strength and velour just like him to fight the odds of life.


God Hanuman Puja by Renowned Astrologer Sai Ganesh

Astrologer Sai Ganesh is widely known and appreciated for his command and expertise in Vedic Astrology. He is in tune with performing Pujas for varied Hindu deities for bringing peace, prosperity, positivity and stability in the hustling and bustling lives of the people living in the world full of vested human interests and manipulative behaviors that drive them towards the path of destruction. Astrologer Sai Ganesh is also found of performing the Puja and conducting the prayers of Lord Hanuman seeking the positivity and zest that rushes over the soul of each of the attendee participating. Appeasing God Hanuman will leave you with a renewed energy and Chaitanya or divine consciousness. Strike out the presence of negative energies, demonic auras, evil spirits, fear, depression, anxiety, and the Shani dosh from your life irrevocably by getting lost in the divinity of God Hanuman.


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